dieseltronic single channel

DieselTRONIC Single Channel

The Single Channel DieselTRONIC primarily controls the fueling of your vehicle providing you with optimized fuel flow throughout your drive on highways or within the city. Performance gains with the unit would be up to 25% above stock.

DieselTRONIC Dual Channel

The Dual Channel controls both the fuelling as well as the turbo boost not only optimizing fuel flow but also effectively minimizing the general engine turbo lag that builds over time. Performance gains with the unit would be up to 30% above stock.


The DieselTRONIC Off-road version is particularly designed for the Mahindra Thar/Roxor and provides your vehicle with up to a 30% increase in both Power and Torque. The unit comes pre-tuned and with four modes including an Easy Crawler mode to help you get through the slushy terrains. 


I purchased the dual channel version for my Honda City Idtec.
The results are amazing! The power seems to be more linear and P2 Mode is where all the fun is! I highly recommend anyone and everyone to buy this!

Vikram Koshal

It's an amazing device and I have experienced  drastic changes in the my car after fixing Dieseltronic in terms of mileage and power. It gives almost 20 to 22 kms on highway and excellent power to drive. Suggest people to try the device to experience it

Raghu Pathy

Brought Dual channel dieseltronic box and the difference in power delivery is noticeable.
I extracted 20kmpl mileage on a 400 km highway run in P2 mode.
I am happy with the purchase and plan to stick another couple of years with my Tata Zest.

Bhargav Shah

Excellent product. I'm using dual channel one for my Ford EcoSport 1.5 ltr TDCI diesel. Though I can't measure the exact performance increment, there is a distinctive improvement in throttle response & in gear acceleration. The fuel efficiency has been gone up by 15/18% for sure

Pranabesh Mohanty

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